United Petroleum Services FZE

Circuit Breaker>>Earthlake Circuit Breaker>>MNL RCD/RCCB


Technical data

Standard:IEC1008,GB16916, BS EN61008
Rated voltage (Un): 2pole:230VAC 4pole:400VAC
Rated current (In): 25,40,63A
Rated residual operating current (I△n):30,100,300,500mA
Rated residual non-operating current (I△no):0.5 I△n
Residual current off-time:≤ 0.1s
Minimum value of rated making and breaking capacity (1m): 1KA
Rated conditional short-circuit current (Inc): In=25,40A Inc=1500A In=63A Inc=3000A

Installation:On symmetrical DIN rail