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AMQ5 Series automatic transfer switch (transfer switch) is developed successfully with thehelp of the most advanced ATS technology in the world. This kind of transfer switch and intelli-gent display mated with it are mainly applied in the occasions required uninterrupted powersupply like building, posts and telecommunications, mine industry, shipping and military industry.Under the necessary trend of urban power service increasing, it can meet the higher require-ments of the reliable power service. This product has many features like reliable performance,small volume and simple operating etc.

2. Main function

With safe and reliable interlocking function, when the breaker is under closing state, thebreaker cannot be glugged in or drawn out, you must open the breaker first to plug in or pull out.With function of reliable making and breaking main circuit and secondary circuit, besides, thedevice possesses self-locking function.When you draw out the breaker, the device has safe insulating isolation (your finger will nottouch with the charged parts).The breaker can be mounted with various rotating manual operating mechanism and motoroperating mechanism.