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AQC45 automatic transfer switch is suitable for the dual power supply system of AC50Hz ,rated operational voltage 400V/230V, rated operational current up to 63A. Automatically trans-fer one or multi-load circuits from one power to the other power, to protect power suppliednormally to load circuit. The device mainly used for industry, shopping center, bank, high building and so on. The device comply with IEC60947-6-1.

2.Environment conditions for operation

Temperature condition: -5oC~+40oC; the average value within 24h not exceed +35oC.
Elevation: altitude of installation place shall not exceed 2000m.
Atmosphere condition: relative humidity at +40oC shall not exceed 50%. Higher humidity ispermissible at lower temperature condition. When the higher monthly average relative humidityis 90% in the humiddest month , the lowest monthly average temperature of this month is +25oC.And consider the influence of dew on product surface due to temperature changes.
Pollution grade: gradeIII
Apparatus grade: grade CB.


AQC45 automatic transfer switch is made up of MCB(DZ47)single motor mechanism control circuit, all parts are installed on a backplate. Control power voltage of automatic transferswitch is AC230V, mechanical life is 5000 times.


AQC45 automatic transfer switch(only R type that is automatically entry and automaticallyreset ) monitor phase voltage of double power supply(is named common power supply andstandby power supply) at the same time. When common power supply is malfunction ,that is tosay ,A phase of MCB is voltage failure or phase failure, automatic transfer switch automaticallytransfer standby power supply with non-time delay; when common power supply returns tonormal,automatically transfer common power supply with non-time delay. Both power supplyare malfunction are not allowed.


Settled breakers
Type of instantaneuos release
Rated current of breakers In (A)
Rated operational voltage of breakers Ue
Operational voltage of control circuit
3P 4P
Type C:for distribution Tripping current range:5In~10In Type D:for motor protection Tripping current range:10In~14In







5.Matters need attention

1) Phase sequence of the input terminals of one MCB must be same as the other, N-pole of double power supply can not be connected wrongly.
2) Earthing protection should be reliable, assure service safe.
3) When checks load circuit normally or malfunction maintenance, must close automatic control function.