United Petroleum Services FZE

Power Supply


Wind Turbine System & Wind Turbine Generator
Wind Turbine Wind Turbine Generator

Blade diameter: 5-15 m

Work speed: 3-30(m/s)

Output power: 5-30 kW

Output voltage: 220-380V



Solar Module & Solar Inverter
Solar Module Solar Inverter

Solar Module:




Solar Inverter:


220 or 380V, 50/60Hz


Natural gas & Diesel Generator
Diesel Generator

Output power:0,3-3,6MW

Output voltage:0,2-10kV

Fuel: natural gas, diesel



Oil transformer & Cast Resin Transformer
Diesel Generator

Power: up to 160 MVA

Voltage: up to 110 kV


Gas turbine
Diesel Generator

Output power: 3,6-70 MW

Output voltage: 6-10 kV

Fuel: natural gas