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AC Ammeter
Specs:0.1A 0.5A 1A 1.5A 3A 5A 7.5A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A 50A 75-105A (useExt.CT 5A)
Note:for60/75/100A direct meter,the class is 2.5.
Advantage:The scale can be easily changed without opening the front frame sothat the class will not be influenced.


DC Ammeter
Class:1.5Specs:25uA 50uA 1mA 2mA 5mA 10mA 20mA 30mA 50mA 75mA 100mA 150mA200mA 250mA 300mA 500mA 1A 3A 5A 7.5A 10A 20A 30A 50A 75-105A(usedwith Shunt)
Feature:The scale can be easily changed without opening the front frame so thatthe class will not be influenced.


AC Voltmeter
Specs:30V 50V 75V 100V 120V 150V 250V 300V 450V 600V For 450-380KV,should be used with potential transformer secondary voltage 100V.

DC Voltmeter
Specs:3V 5V 7.5V 10V 15V 20V 50V 75V 100V 120V 150V 200V 250V 300V400V 450V 600V
Note:Over 600V should be used with Ext.Resistor.(Rated Cuuent 5mA).


Frequency Meter
Pointer Type
Class:1.0Volt:50V 100V 220V 380V
Freq:44-55Hz 45-66Hz 55-65Hz 47-53Hz 57-63Hz 44-56Hz 54-66Hz 450-550Hz 550-650Hz


For 3 phases circuits,balanced load 45-65Hz and for 1 phase AC 50Hz.
Voltage:100V 380V 440V
Frequency:50Hz 60Hz
Scale graduation:0.5cap-1-0.5ind 0.3cap-1-0.7ind 0.4cap-1-0.4ind 0.7cap-1-0.3ind.
Orders to be Noted:
Type of Current:1P,3P 3W circuits,balanced load.
Rated Volt:The voltage is line voltage(between two wires).
Operating Current:If used with CT,the secondary current 5A or 1A is standard.


Wattmeters with built-in converter for 1 phase,3P 3W,3P 4W.
Voltage:50V 100V 220V 240V 220/380V 240/415V
These meters are used with potential secondary voltage 100V voltage transformeror secondary current 5A CT.wattmeters with built-in converter for 3P 3W,3P 4Wand single phase.
Struction:Moving Coil,Moving Iron and Rectifier.
Class:2.0 2.5


Name Specifications
DC Ammeter 30-1000uA 1-1000mA 1K-10KA 1-50A
DC Voltmeter 40-1000mV 1-1000V 1K-10KA 1-50A
DC Ammeter 1-1000mA 5-1000A 1-50A 1K-0KA
DC Voltmeter 40-1000mA 1-1000V 1K-380KV
Frequency Meter Voltage:50-380V Frequency:45-55Hz 45-65Hz 55-65Hz
Power Factor Meter Voltage:50-380V Frequency:0.5cap-1-0.5ind 0.3cap-1-0.7ind 0.4cap-1-0.4ind 0.7cap-1-0.3ind Suitable for 1Por 3P3W Circuit
Power Meter Voltage:50-380V Current:0.2-5A With Current or Voltage Transformer