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The ADL2008 series thermostats are stand-alone microprocessor based thermostats with LCD display. The thermostats are designed to on/off control the fans, valves, dampers or electric heaters in fan coil units, air-conditioners and heating applications.
Models are available for heating/cooling/ventilating control of 2-pipe or 4-pipe fan coil units.
The fan speed can be manually controlled by the fan speed control pushbutton. It is wired to run high/medium/low speed continuously or to automatically change the fan speed, while with other models there is a choice of running the fan continuously, or cycling it with the thermostat.




Reliable output by relays
Attractive modern styling makes this thermostat ideal for locating in the occupied space
Digital LCD display of room ambient temperature and user selected temperature setting on demand
Adjustable heating/cooling/ventilating mode control
Adjustable manual 3-speed or automatic fan speed control and on/off control output for valve
Model available for cycling fan control
Infrared remote control available(optional
Backlight function available(optional)
Thermostat mounted directly onto a wall or standard junction box
Model available for 120, 230 VAC power input also
Reliable DC power supply by transformer.


3.Main Functions


Manual/Auto Fan Speed Blue Backlight Optional
Cool/Heat Change Control Clock Optional
Room Temperature Setting
Detect and Display Room Temp
Sleep Optional Infrared Remote Control (Optional)
Low Temperature Protection 5/2 or 7 days Programmable (Optional)




Set-point Range
Power Consumption
86×86×13mm (W×H×D)
Hole Pitch
Fire retardant PC ABS
LCD (65×48mm)
Power Supply
220VAC(or any other volt.)±15%, 50/60Hz
Max Load
Fan Coil<150W
Heating Equipment