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ADL2010 Series Digital thermostat are designed to on/off control fan coil, valve, dampers or electric heaters in Air-Conditioners and Heating applications. Models are available for 2-pipe fan and valve control, 4-pipe fan and valves control with Auto-Changeover, auto fan speeds control, modulating and damper control. The fan speed can be manually or automatically controlled by the fan speed pushbutton. There is a choice of running the fan continuously or cycling it with the thermostat. It operates 3 speeds fan with 220VAC, 110VAC or any other voltage power supply, SPDT or SPST Fan Coil Valve.




Luxury appearance with larger digital LCD display
Some key pads are designed under the cover
High reliable stand-alone microprocessor increases anti-jamming
Reliable DC power supply by transformer
Reliable output by relays
Adjustable heating/cooling/ventilating mode control
Standard 86 ? 86 mm junction box installation with only 13mm thickness.


3.Main Functions


Cool/Heat/Ventilation/Auto mode selectable
3 speed manual/automatic fan control
Temperature ± 0.5?accuracy
F/˚C selectable indicator
12 / 24 hours clock
Selectable deadband settings
Low temperature protection
IR remote (optional)
Central communicating control (optional)
5+2 or 7 days 4 events programmable
Retain user setting for a long time after power failed (optional)
Startup "low-temperature-protection" function when in turned off state (optional)
Lock keypad to avoid any mistake operations (optional)
Stylish design satisfy hotel, commercial office and residential
Sleep function provides gradually automatic temperature setting changes (optional)
Sensor trouble indicator to be fixed easily
PID control function is suitable for analogue settings of Modulating valve or the fan and valve in use of fan coil unit




Set point range:
Power consumption:
< 2W
Power supply:
any AC voltage
± 0.5˚C
< 200W
86 X 86 X 13mm
Fire retardant PC ABS